Mother, son charged in deadly dog attack appear in court

TUCUMCARI, N.M. — The mother and son charged in a deadly dog attack in Tucumcari each made their first court appearance Friday.

50-year-old Mary Montoya and 27-year-old Kristopher Morris are the alleged owners of five dogs that mauled 64-year-old Stanley Hartt to death last week. Investigators say this happened while Hartt was walking down the street in Tucumcari.

One of the dogs was reportedly put down. The other four were turned over to Quay County Animal Control.

During the hearing Friday, Judge Noreen Hendrickson granted conditions of release to Montoya and Morris. Both Montoya and Morris can’t have any pets and they can’t leave the county without permission.

Montoya and Morris each face a third-degree felony charge for owning a dangerous dog, resulting in a person’s death. If convicted, that charge carries up to six years in prison.

They also each face a fourth-degree involuntary manslaughter charge. If convicted, that carries up to 18 months in prison.