‘Sweeney Todd’ adds terror to Farmington’s art scene 

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FARMINGTON, N.M. — A Broadway classic is hoping to add some terror to Farmington’s art scene.

“Nothing that Steven Sondheim wrote isn’t worth your time, he wrote a whole volume of iconic musical theater,” said Randy West, the artistic director for the Four Corners Musical Theater. He’s referring to one of Sondheim’s most famous pieces that rears its gothic head this time of year – the legend of Sweeney Todd.

There is also a reason it’s called a musical thriller.

“Blending of kind of gothic horror and musical theater with an opera feel to it,” West said.

So, when he decided to bring this Broadway hit to the Four Corners, he called in Broadway veteran, Anne Runolfsson, to play the part of Mrs. Lovett.

“Oh New Mexico for a month and Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd – it’s just one of the greatest roles for musical theater actress and I was absolutely thrilled,” Runolfsson said.

If you think Sweeney Todd is merely blood and guts, you may want to take a closer look.

“They’ve written in a lot of humor because we all – anyone in life that has gone through something dark and horrible there is always that moment where you have to laugh,” Runolfsson added. “So yes it is grim at times and bloody but balanced well with moments of relief so we don’t get so pulled down the hole of that sickness.”

The classic tale just might conjure up a roller coaster of emotion.

“The audience gets so roped into this that sometimes you hear somebody go no! Or don’t do that! And you literally feel them kind of gasp at certain moments,” West said.

Sweeney Todd will have its final showings Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon.