Third suspect charged in alleged kidnapping and extortion plot

Third suspect in alleged kidnapping and extortion plot charged

Last month, a Santa Fe woman was taken for a nightmare ride around the city.

SANTA FE, N.M. – Last month, a Santa Fe woman was taken for a nightmare ride around the city. Now, a third person – Donna Trujillo – is facing charges in connection to the woman’s alleged kidnapping.

According to Santa Fe police, Jovanny Aniles allegedly kidnapped his ex-girlfriend back in January. 

Court documents say Aniles and the driver of the truck during the incident – Elijah Gallegos – drove the victim to her mom’s house, demanding she pay Aniles the money he says the victim owed him. Police say Trujillo was in the car too. 

The mother told police Aniles was holding a gun to her daughter’s head. 

When she told Aniles she didn’t have the money, he hit the victim with the gun and pulled her back into the truck. 

Later, the victim’s grandmother told police she got a call from the suspects also demanding money. He told her the victim owed him $800, but didn’t say why.

The victim later told police she and Trujillo got into a fight in the truck. She says they drove the victim to the Camel Tracks Open Space Area. They all got out and started beating her with brass knuckles and kicking her. 

The victim told police she decided to play dead and hold her breath so they’d leave her alone. She says they eventually left her there, several miles away from the city. 

The victim told police she was walking for a few hours trying to get back to town when someone offered to give her a ride back to Interfaith Community Shelter – which is the area where she told police the suspects allegedly kidnapped her from in the first place.

Trujillo is now facing several charges, including accessory to kidnapping and aggravated battery for her role. 

Gallegos is facing similar charges. Aniles is charged with kidnapping and aggravated battery, among several other charges. 

Police say the victim was taken to a local hospital to be treated for her injuries. But her current condition is unknown.