Two Albuquerque comedy clubs join forces

Two Albuquerque comedy clubs join forces

For Sarah Kennedy and Kelli Trapnell, the goal was always to provide a stage for local standup comedians.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – For Sarah Kennedy and Kelli Trapnell, the goal was always to provide a stage for local stand-up comedians.

“Whatever Albuquerque comedy needs, that’s what we’re here to provide, and that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be the exact same four walls,” said Sarah Kennedy, co-owner of Dry Heat Comedy. 

Starting April 1, their home-grown comedy club is getting four new walls and a lot more.

The Box Theater – downtown Albuquerque’s other comedy club – is mostly focused on improv.

“Because we’ve been such good friends with The Box, we had sort of a mutual agreement that’s sort of like a non-compete where no improv would happen at Dry Heat, and no stand-up really would happen at the Box. And we thought that was kind of a silly thing. So we’re like, let’s just move in together and make all of it happen here,” said Kelly Trapnell, co-owner of Dry Heat Comedy Club. 

Not only is there more space for audiences, the Box Theater also has a bigger concession stand and more parking. But that’s not the only benefit.

“Really, what’s so exciting about it, is the cross-pollination of people looking across the hall and saying, ‘What’s going on over there?’” said Doug Montoya, co-owner of the Box Theater. 

That goes for the performers too.

“It just felt really correct to have everyone come together and be this central location for local comedy, both of the improv and stand-up variety,” said Trapnell. 

Dry Heat and the Box aren’t the only game in town anymore, though.

Qezada’s Comedy Club recently opened inside Santa Ana Star Casino, and Dallas-based Hyena’s is planning an expansion inside the Winrock redevelopment.

“The comedy scene has just flourished in the last, just even since the pandemic, has flourished so much,” said Kristin Berg, co-owner of the Box Theater. “The hosting gets better, the crowd work gets better, all of that stuff just gets better because there’s more opportunities for everybody.”

Dry Heat is officially moving into the Box Theater on April 1. Both groups are planning a full weekend of comedy shows to celebrate. Click here for ticket information.

KOB 4 did ask if they purposefully planned their big merger for April Fool’s Day, turns out that was just a funny coincidence.