Unknown number of dogs abandoned at Valencia County property

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Small dogs, big dogs, and vocal dogs are all part of the group of dogs at a Valencia County property.

“It never dawned on me that it was getting as bad as it was,” said one neighbor who lives near the property. “Usually there’s not too much traffic over there. But there’s been a lot more traffic with people coming in and out.”

Someone posted photos on Facebook about two weeks ago showing dogs in the yard, and the house’s condition. The post asked for help finding homes for the dogs.

Valencia County Animal Services director Jess Weston confirms the property owner had a medical issue, and local rescuers who were planning to step in to help called asking for guidance.

He says he was aware of about twenty dogs on the property but didn’t have an exact count.

“They wanted to kind of know what to do and how to handle the situation,” said Jess Weston, director of Valencia County animal services.

A small group has since stepped up to take care of the dogs.

“If they have rescues and fosters and things trying to work on the situation, by all means, we’ll take those avenues and see what they can get done for the animals that are on the property,” said Weston. He said it’s better to keep them healthy and fed at the property, than keep them in the overcrowded shelter.

“Shelters are full. I mean, we’re pushing 100% to 110% capacity, any given day that we open up the doors.”

The shelter has between 180 and 220 animals on any given day, and can take in 40 on an especially busy day.

“We’re trying to figure out how we can help the animals in situations like these without bringing them in into our facility and turning our facilities into the same kind of situation.”

Weston says it’s unlikely the property owner will face charges because there’s no sign of abuse or malicious intent.

“I think it was just this situation kind of got out of hand,” said Weston. “And you know, people don’t realize how much work it is taking care of a couple of dogs. And then you have five or six, and it just kind of snowballs from there.”

If you have any interest in fostering or adopting any of these dogs, contact the Valencia County shelter.