Updated notice to our Silver City viewers


KOB TV is still working as quickly as possible to restore over-the-air service to the Silver City area, where one of our broadcast towers was felled by a severe windstorm. Having accessed the site with specialty tower crews, we have determined our existing antenna is damaged beyond repair.

The Federal Communications Commission had recently auctioned off the frequency we have been using in Silver City to another company (yes, the federal government can do that!). We knew that eventually we would have to move to another frequency. With the immediate need for a new antenna, we are asking the FCC for expedited approval of a new channel position for us. This will not change the channel position you use on your TV set to watch KOB programming.

As soon as we get approval, and a date for estimated delivery of a new antenna that uses that frequency, we will post another update. We have located another broadcast tower that we can use in the short-term to restore service as quickly as possible. Long-term, replacing our own tower at the location where we belong will be an enormous project with more federal oversight and requirements.

We will keep updating this as we get more information.

KOB 4 is committed to providing free, HD-quality, over-the-air service across New Mexico and the Four Corners area. You can also watch KOB newscasts and programming on several alternative platforms:

  • ONLINE – KOB Newscasts stream on KOB.com


  • ROKU (KOB App, NewsOn, Haystack)
  • YouTubeTV
  • FUBO
  • DirecTV Stream

Original Notice (3/10/2023):

We apologize that you are without over-the-air service from KOB-TV right now. The ferocious windstorm last month actually took down our broadcast tower.

Restoring service is now our number one priority.

Short-term, we are working to relocate our antenna to a temporary location. Long-term, there is a great deal of work, planning, and regulatory review in replacing our tower at the location where we belong.