Used PNM power poles now in use at ABQ BioPark Zoo

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — PNM says their used power poles will soar to new heights, thanks to a new partnership with the ABQ BioPark Zoo.

PNM donated used wooden power poles to the New Mexico BioPark Society. The ABQ BioPark Zoo will use them to uphold protective netting within the African Aviary bird enclosure.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with New Mexico BioPark Society on this project,” said Maureen Gannon, PNM’s chief sustainability officer. “By repurposing our used power poles to support the bird exhibit, we are contributing to the welfare of the avian residents. We are also demonstrating our commitment to environmental conservation.”

“We are not only grateful for this generous donation, but for our long-standing partnership with PNM,” said Megan McCormick, the development director for the BioPark Society. “Their support has allowed us to not only enhance living spaces for birds. But it has also helped us to expand our newest exhibit, Asia.”

PNM says this isn’t the first time they’ve donated used power poles to the ABQ BioPark Zoo.