Video: Halloween decoration stolen from Albuquerque home in broad daylight

[anvplayer video=”5195872″ station=”998122″]

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — For Ricky Adams, decorating his southeast Albuquerque home for the holidays is a no brainer and Halloween is no exception.

Monsters, skeletons and ghouls adorn his home.

“It’s fun to celebrate events and holidays and have fun,” Adams said. “The kids love when it they come trick or treating.”

However, Adams came home last week and saw that one of his Halloween decorations was missing. It was stolen in broad daylight.

When he checked surveillance footage, he saw a grey car pass the house, stop, and then back up.

“One of them jumped out, grabbed the ghost Halloween decoration and just compressed it, jumped back in the car and just drove off,” Adams said.

In the video, it appears that three other people were in the car alongside the thief. The ghost inflatable was the only thing taken.

While Adams says the decoration can be replaced, it’s still disappointing.

“Everybody has experienced this to some degree in Albuquerque,” Adams said. “It’s a violation of your space. Yes, you can replace decorations. hat’s not really the issue – it’s the violation of people’s space and property.”

This is the first time something like this has happened to Adams, but it’s not a first in the neighborhood.

“Down the street, about a block, last year someone stole all the person’s Halloween decorations, another time, someone stole some Christmas decorations,” Adams said.