Video shows protestors clash at Roe v. Wade rally

[anvplayer video=”5109207″ station=”998122″]

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – A pro-Roe v. Wade rally started peacefully at Tiguex Park Saturday. Police said there were 400 people there.

It was one of thousands that day across the nation, and in Albuquerque, state Sen. Antoinette Sedillo Lopez was one of the speakers.

But the rally got heated as counter-protesters came out as well, and in a TikTok video, people can see both groups arguing and yelling at each other.

A counter-protestor who was armed was there, according to Albuquerque Police Department. He could be seen yelling at the pro-Roe v. Wade group as they yelled back, and somewhere in that crowd was another counter-protester who was also armed, said APD.

In the video, people can see one rally-goer get attacked as someone grabbed them from behind and pulls them to the ground. It’s not clear from this video who committed that attack, but there were no reports of injuries said Albuquerque police.

APD sent out a quick response team to de-escalate the tension, and rally organizers could also be heard trying to de-escalate the situation as well.

Samia Assed, the chair of the New Mexico Women’s March, said the organizers did their best to keep things on track.

“It was just sad to see some of the violence but for the most part it majority were all peaceful and it was a good event. They were violent but we maintained the control, we maintained the distance and we maintained the upbeat spirit that was at the rally we kept to the mission,” Assed said.

APD said they were not aware of the TikTok video, but said they’ve issued a summons in relation to one protestor allegedly getting attacked by a woman. It’s unclear if the incident in the video is the same incident. 

Police were able to eventually get the counter-protesters to leave without incident and escort the pro-Roe v. Wade rally-goers through the neighborhood for a march.