‘We’re just against shootings in general’: Family of Froylan Villegas hopes for arrest soon

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – A little boy’s big dreams were cut short last Wednesday.

11-year-old Froylan Villegas had plans to be a horse trainer, and a family full of support.

“He was very outspoken, very mature for his age,” said Angelica Amaro, a close friend of the Villegas family. “But his one thing was he was going to be the best horse trainer that he could be.”

Amaro says Froylan was best friends to many, but especially his cousin Tatiana Villegas.

“They were best friends, they had just finished spending the whole week together,” said Amaro. They ended the week at an Isotopes game last Wednesday night, not knowing it would be their last night together.

Someone shot into Tatiana’s truck, hit her five times, and killed Froylan in a supposed road rage incident as they were leaving the game.

“She said I saw him when he took his last breath, and the only thing that keeps her at peace right now is she knows he died happy,” said Amaro.

Froylan’s mom and baby brother were also in the truck. The shooter reportedly fired 17 shots total at the truck.

Police haven’t said if they have any suspects.

“There was a mom and her two sons and their cousin that went to a game to go and enjoy their evening,” said Amaro. “They were shot in a senseless act by someone who did not think of others.”

The family plans to lay Froylan to rest this week. Amaro says Tatiana has a spinal cord injury and has a long recovery ahead of her.

Click here to donate to Tatiana’s recovery expenses through a GoFundMe page.