What is Dry January?

What is Dry January?

You've probably heard about it on social media or heard from a friend who is doing it – but what is Dry January? And how you can benefit from it?

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — You may have seen the social media posts on it or heard your friends talking about it but Dry January is catching on in the New Year.

Many people are making resolutions to cut down or even cut out drinking as a part of their resolutions. They’re doing it even for just a month, which is popularizing Dry January.

Restaurants and bars are taking note. They’re adding nonalcoholic options

“More and more folks are asking for mocktails. Lots of folks are used to going out and having a cocktail. For some folks, that’s not necessarily the healthiest option. So, we want something different so they can socialize over a great drink,” said Deena Crawley, the chief of staff for Tula’s Kitchen and parent company Dion’s.

Doctors even say taking a break from the booze can have many positive effects.

“The first that comes to mind is sleep, right? Many people do not get that restful R.E.M. sleep when they drink so their sleep improves. Relationships with their loved ones improve, social isolation decreases,” said Dr. Jaren Trost, of Optum New Mexico.

Quitting cold turkey for 31 days may not be the best option for everyone. Doctors say you should assess and address the underlying cause of why you drink.