Wildfire Watch: Indios Fire, Moser Fire, Five Bosque Fire

Wildfire Watch: Indios, Moser, Five Bosque Fires

We have an update on the big fires burning across New Mexico.

NEW MEXICO — Here is the latest on the Indios Fire in northern New Mexico, the Moser Fire near Cloudcroft and the Five Bosque Fire in Rio Rancho.

Indios Fire

Officials say this fire started Sunday, just seven miles north of Coyote. There is still word on what cause it but investigators did confirm they detected lightning in the area.

Moser Fire

This fire started Monday at around 3:45 p.m., just four miles east of Cloudcroft.

Officials estimate it’s burned at least 145 acres with no containment yet. Authorities closed Highway 82 from the upper junction of Highway 244 to Dry Canyon Road. You can expect smoke in the coming days.

There are mandatory evacuations for people living in the area. People in areas from mile markers 21-23 on the north side of Hwy. 82 must evacuate. That includes Alpine Road, Hollywood Boulevard, Pine Ridge Loop Road, Wildwood Loop and all roads connected to these main roads.

The areas on the south side of Hwy. 82 are advised to get ready to evacuate.

Crews estimate they have containment lines around 80% of the fire. They expect to make progress on containing the fire, especially thanks to lower temperatures and higher humidity.

The Cloudcroft Fire Department is asking for water or Gatorade donations. You can drop off donations at the department. The address is 1100 James Canyon Highway, Cloudcroft, N.M. 

Five Bosque Fire

Rio Rancho fire crews handled multiple fires Sunday evening in the bosque near the city. Officials say five fires sparked in just an eight-acre stretch of the bosque, hence the name, between Rio Rancho North Beach and Willow Creek Park.

No one was hurt and no buildings were damaged. We still don’t know how the fires were caused but the Rio Rancho Fire Chief says they were all “human-caused and intentional.”

“It appears that they were they were kind of set one right after the other but very quickly. As our crews were getting on scene, other fires started to pop up throughout the Bosque simultaneously,” Chief James DeFillippo said.

All the Rio Rancho bosque entrances still remain closed. No word on when they may reopen.