Winter storm brings snow to parts of New Mexico

Winter storm brings snow to parts of New Mexico

This storm is delivering frigid temperatures and a fresh round of powder in northern New Mexico.

SANTA FE, N.M. – The storm is delivering frigid temperatures and a fresh round of powder to parts of New Mexico.

In Santa Fe, skiers are rejoicing, and everyone else is just rolling with the punches. There were flurries on and off Sunday evening, and there was still some traffic on the plaza. 

Like any other storm, KOB 4 met some excited snow bunnies and others wishing we could skip winter all together.

“Not very happy,” said Majed Handouni, owner of Eden on the Plaza.

He says snow days aren’t always good for his jewelry business on Santa Fe’s plaza.

“It gets really cold after snow. Like the following days, it gets extremely cold,” said Handouni. “Santa Fe is not equipped for heavy snow, it snows a little bit, and it basically shuts down.”

But across town at Ski Tech, they long for snow days. 

“It’s been busy,” said Daniel Romero, store manager of Bluebird Mountain Sports and Ski Tech

Ski Tech’s been in business for 30 years, and Romero says it continues to grow as the hobby does. 

“It’s rapidly growing. More retail, definitely more rentals. We ordered more rentals for this year, but we’re still running out of rentals,” said Romero. 

Small snow bunnies are snatching them up on their way up the mountain. 

“I feel excited. I feel excited, but then when I get there I’m like ‘I’m so cold!'”

The way some say it should be:

“You put on the fire, and you get the good smell on the inside and get underneath the blankets and wait for the next day where it might be four inches on the ground or more. That’s what we need,” said Warren Kelly.

Warren Kelly is a teacher in Taos, and he welcomes a snowy start to 2024 with open arms.

“Teachers love snow days as much as the kids do. And we’ll put away the computers for a little while and go roll around in the snow. That will definitely be on my lesson plan, it’s like everybody go outside and make a snowman,” said Kelly. 

No matter how you feel about the snow, everyone KOB 4 talked to Sunday agreed on one thing: it sure is beautiful. Especially, if you’re watching it fall from the comfort of your living room.