Woman charged in Circle K murder released until trial

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A week after Roslynn Lee was charged with murder, conspiracy, and tampering with evidence, a district court judge ruled to let her out of jail until trial.

Police arrested Lee and her husband, Eric Ford, after Michael Urioste was killed in February at a northeast Albuquerque Circle K. Police said Ford pulled the trigger after he punched a gas station clerk and Urioste jumped to the clerk’s defense.

Urioste’s mother told KOB 4 that if someone needed help, he was always there. That message was echoed by the state prosecutor in court Thursday.

“Michael Urioste then tackled Eric Ford,” said Derek Berg, state prosecutor. “Witnesses on scene advised Mr. Urioste held down Mr. Ford in an effort to detain him.”

Even though Lee didn’t pull the trigger, the state argued she did play a role, accusing her of encouraging her husband and hitting Urioste with a cane that had a knife inside. However, Lee’s attorney argued that action doesn’t match the charges – saying his client was overcharged and only acted to defend her husband.

“Miss Lee should be given the benefit of the doubt and be permitted to be released,” said her defense.

Even though Judge Emeterio Rudolfo said he believes Lee is dangerous, he agreed there are release conditions for her that could keep the public safe.

The judge told Lee to report to pretrial services Friday. She will stay with her mother, and the only time she is allowed to leave Bernalillo County is for a court hearing on a separate case in Roswell. She is also not allowed to go to any Circle K’s in Albuquerque.