What to know during the Medicare enrollment period

What to know during the Medicare enrollment period

Now is the time to enroll in Medicare or just make sure you're covered. Here's what to know.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — It is that time of year again when Medicare beneficiaries have the chance to change their coverage plans.

Medicare open enrollment began this month. It is open through Dec. 7 for anyone over the age of 65 to tweak their current cover plans for the upcoming year.

Open enrollment happens only once a year, so it’s the only time where people with existing plans can stick with traditional Medicare, or switch to a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Whether you’re making changes to your own plans or helping someone do that, there are some things to keep in mind.

“If you have any sort of changes in what your needs are, any sort of budget updates, or maybe you need a new specialist that you haven’t seen before, or you want to go to a different hospital, it’s good to check on those things,” said Mike Wallace, the VP of growth and strategy for Optum.

According to Wallace, you should talk to your doctor, your care provider and your insurance company.

You can also go to Medicare.gov where you can find more information on plans and coverage.

Also, remember, scammers will try to get your personal info. Only go to trustworthy sources.