Affordable Father’s Day gifts | What the Tech?

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — Time’s running out if you’re still looking for a Father’s Day gift and we have some affordable tech ideas you may not have thought about.

There are the Dusk smart sunglasses with built-in microphones and speakers to make and take phone calls and listen to music.

Here’s what’s really cool about them: You can change the tint.

Dark in the sun, but at night, lighten the tint with the tap of a button or through an app.

They’re polarized so, at dusk or even later, they block the glare of bright LED lights from passing cars but still let you see enough to drive safely.

Speaking of light, Dad can never have enough flashlights and, if he’s still using one that requires big batteries, he’d like to upgrade to a rechargeable torch.

The Infinity X1 comes in two sizes and both are brighter than the flashlight he probably has and can be focused on a small area or a wide field of view.

These also have backup battery power if he forgets to plug it in.

Even if he has a smart TV or streaming stick, it may need updating.

The Roku Ultra belongs in the main TV room because it plays movies and shows in 4K and HDR. The remote alone may be worth the upgrade though. It has Bluetooth audio so he can listen through earbuds and can change channels by voice. If he misplaces the remote, he can say “Hey Roku, find my remote.” Then, it’ll beep until you dig it out of the couch.

Perhaps our favorite is the Google Nest Hub. It’s a small screen that plays YouTube videos, live programming from YouTube TV and Hulu, and streams music. It can also act as a personal assistant to put meetings and events on his calendar and set reminders.

Seriously, any of these are better than a gift card. Dad will also think of you every time he uses them.