Best of CES | What the Tech?

Best of CES | What the Tech?

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas recently wrapped up. Here is a compilation of some of the best and most notable exhibits at the show.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) —Answering the question, “What was the coolest thing at CES?” is almost impossible but here are a few contenders.

Hyundai’s Mobis is a car with four wheels that all turn 90 degrees, enabling the vehicle to go sideways into a parking spot and make once-impossible turns.

The Keenray is a towel warmer for the home. The idea is, before you get in the shower, throw your towel in here. By the time you’re done, you pull it out and the towel is nice and warm. It’s around $150.

Clicks is an iPhone case for those who miss their old Blackberry phone and want more screen real estate.

When you’ve got your keyboard up it takes up half the screen. As soon as you pop your phone into Clicks, it recognizes there’s a keyboard present and now you get all of your screen for your chats. It’s $140.

AWOL Vision is a hide-away screen and projector. Once you finish watching, a button rolls the screen back to the floor.

Vizr advertises itself as drug-free microdosing. Flashing lights over your closed eyes is said to give users a psychedelic feeling. Some describe it as similar to LSD and mushrooms.

It’s interesting, you see a lot of different patterns. It’s very kaleidoscope-like.

Some of these gadgets and products from CES are available now. Others will be released later this year, in time for Christmas.