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Collix | What the Tech? App of the Day

If you have some old baseball cards that may be worth something, you can find out with this app.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — If you have old baseball cards or sports cards laying around, they could be worth some serious money if you dust them off.

The CollX app can help you catalog, value and trade those cards.

Developed by a father and son, CollX takes some of the guesswork out of estimating value. It’s as simple as snapping a photo. Using image technology, CollX recognizes most cards to give you an estimate.

You scan a few common cards and CollX tells you they’re worth just pennies. But more collectible cards, like a 1986 Barry Bonds traded card, have an estimated value, according to CollX’s database, ranging from $5 to $13. It largely depends on the condition, and whether it’s been graded by a professional so this is just an idea. But CollX links to the cards listed on eBay to see what people are selling it for.

Now, you can also use Google Lens to get the same listings on eBay by taking a photo.

CollX is better if you’re into buying, selling, and trading because you can inventory your collection, see a running total of what your cards are worth, and put them up for sale for other collectors to shop.

If you have a card that has a lot of value it is best to have it appraised and graded. But for most of us who just want some idea, CollX gives just enough information to put us in the ballpark.

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