Cooking gadgets | What the Tech?

Cooking gadgets | What the Tech?

Every food lover and cook always wants to make the process a little easier, without skimping on the attention to detail, so here are some items that do just that.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — Maybe you’ve heard of sous vide, the process of cooking food by immersing it in water?

It was exclusive to commercial kitchens, restaurants, and steakhouses and now it’s in a lot of kitchens.

Anova precision cookers are an option. These wands circulate water at a precise temperature.

If you want a medium rare steak, it’s medium rare after it’s finished cooking. You just have to sear it on a grill or cast iron.

A new option is from Typhur. It is an all-in-one sous vide station. It has a water tank, vacuum sealer, and a video screen.

Videos guide you through all the steps.

Select the food, we’ll do these steaks, choose how you want it. Rare, medium, or well done. You’re guided to place the food in a vacuum-sealed bag to remove the air and drop it in the water.

Sous vide is the best way to cook thick cuts of meat as it cooks thoroughly from end to end, at the precise temperature you select. It can’t overcook.

The video suggests how long to keep it in the bath. Then just season and sear.

One feature of the Typhur is you can start dinner in the morning and it’s done when you get home from work. Place ice and the meat in the vessel and when you want it done.

It’ll begin heating, melting the ice, and then cooking the food. The ice prevents the meat from gathering bacteria.

Sous vide is especially good for cuts of beef that tend to be tough, like chuck roast and shoulder. A few hours in the bath tenderizes the meat.

If the cook is in your house, you’ll also benefit from this Christmas gift.