Cool tech gifts | What the Tech?

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — New tech tops many Christmas lists, often including smartphones, computers, game systems, etc., but here are some cool and unique gift ideas.

We’ve all flown a paper airplane before but probably not like this. It’s a remote-controlled paper airplane that flies where your phone tells it to go.

The Power Up paper airplane has a rechargeable propeller that clips into an airplane you fold yourself. It comes with lined paper which shows you where to fold. There are also YouTube instructions.

Fold the plane, attach the propeller and let it go. It takes some practice and patience But the paper airplane flies where you point your phone.

Be aware that, if you’re giving it to a young kid, you’re going to have to help them. The paper airplanes start at $20.

Dusk sunglasses by Ampere are one of the coolest gadgets I’ve seen this year. There are different levels of tint you control by tapping the temple, or with a smartphone app. They also have speakers and microphones built in to the frames for listening to music and taking phone calls. They’re $170.

Amazon Echo Dots are helpful but they’re pretty plain looking. Why not a decorative place to put it?

These Star Wars Storm Trooper helmets are cool on their own, but put an Echo Dot inside and the eyes glow whenever you say “Alexa”. There’s also a Mandalorian and Darth Vader. They’re $40 at Amazon.

What mom, dad, or grandparent wouldn’t love a memory book? Heirloom Video Books are a techy spin on memory books. They play up to a 20-minute video when they open the book. Fill it with a slideshow of favorite memories or a video of a special moment. Heirloom video books are $50-70.

You can put video in the books yourself or, if you prefer, send photos and videos to Heirloom and they’ll load the memory book and mail it out to the person on your list.

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