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How much does cordcutting save? | What the Tech?

Cordcutting is a prominent trend of the last few years but how much money would it actually save you?

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — About 30% of cable subscribers say they plan to cut the cord this year but how much will your savings be as a cordcutter?

It’s difficult to say how much cable TV costs because there are a lot of variables, such as the cable company you have, how many TVs you have, what channel package you want, and if it includes internet, phone, or a modem.

How much are added fees and taxes? While some say their cable bill is over $200 a month, others pay under $80 a month.

If you cut cable, you’ll have to pay for the internet separately which ranges from $50-$100 a month. For regular Live TV with sports, you’ll need a service like YouTube TV, Hulu, or Fubo. Those cost from $70-$80 a month. So you’re sitting at around $150 or more each month by streaming.

What about extras like Netflix, Disney+, and Prime? Those are going to be extra for streamers and cable subscribers. Monthly charges have also increased across the board.

To save money on those services, many people are doing what’s called “churning” or rotating 2 or 3 services at a time rather than subscribing to all of them at once.

To save money, look for bundles and benefits from your cellular provider.

Check your credit card bills too. 42% of people say they were paying for a service they didn’t know they had. This can happen if you sign up for free trials that convert to monthly payments automatically. You can unsubscribe and re-join when there’s something you want to watch.

Before switching anything, look closely at what you’re paying now and don’t forget to include the internet since you’ll pay for it separately. You could save hundreds of dollars a year, but depending on what you want, the savings might not add up as a cordcutter.