Facebook favorites | What the Tech?

Facebook favorites | What the Tech?

If you feel like you haven't seen a lot of your friends' posts and feel like you've seen other posts, here is something that may help you see more of your friends' posts.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — You do seem to see only posts and updates from the same Facebook friends but you can change that and it’s not with a copy-paste scam.

Facebook added a “Feeds” option, but not many people know about it or have forgotten it’s there. You’ll find it by tapping on your photo at the bottom of the screen.

On a computer, you’ll find ‘feeds’ on the left side of the homepage.

Tapping ‘Friends” shows the most recent posts from all of your friends. “Favorites” are friends you’ve chosen as people you want to see the most. If you haven’t set that up, Facebook did it for you based on its algorithm.

It added Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

These are the friends you interact with the most. You’ve sent Messages, liked their posts, or you have a large number of mutual friends.

You can change your list of Favorites by searching for them and marking them as favorites. You can only have 30 friends on the list, so you’ll have to remove some first.

Don’t worry, you’ll stay friends, they just won’t be a BFF and they won’t know you’ve replaced them.

When you choose to see your “Favorites” feed, not only will you see those friends, but I’ve found you’ll see fewer ads.

When I looked at the basic ‘home feed’, 30% of what showed up were sponsored ads. But choosing to see my favorites feed, there were no ads. None at all.

The only downside to changing your Favorites feed is that it’s time-consuming. But if you only
want to see those friends, and see no ads, it’s worth it.

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