Facebook scam warning | What the Tech?

Facebook scam warning | What the Tech?

A scam is floating around Facebook you may have already seen and will especially want to be aware of.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — You have seen it and maybe even clicked on it but it’s worth warning about this scam that goes around Facebook.

It’s a post or message that says “Look who died” and “I think you know him” followed by several crying emojis. There’s also a link to what appears to be a news report.

So what happens if you click on it? Instead of going to the news story, you’re prompted to sign in to your Facebook account to see it.

It isn’t a Facebook login though. It’s a fake site.

If you enter your username and password, the bad guys can log into your account. They can also change your Facebook password and you won’t be able to log back in. Or, at the very least, the scammers will use your account to try and scam your friends and clone their accounts.

It happens thousands of times a day.

Pay attention to where a link is going. Not to a news outlet, but to websites with strange names. The posts almost always tag you or some of your friends. They also come through as Facebook messages from friends who’ve had their Facebook profiles compromised.

If you’ve clicked on a link and entered your login information, change your password as quickly as possible. Everyone should have 2-factor authentication turned on to make it more difficult for hackers to change passwords.

Remember, scams like this one can come from friends you trust. Even friends you think are too smart to fall for something so obviously a scam.

Heed this scam warning and think before you click and never enter your Facebook login information on another website. There’s no reason you will need to do that.

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