Getting to know Jamey Tucker of ‘What the Tech?’

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — Each weekday we ask the question, “What the Tech?” and Jamey Tucker has the answer, so we talked with him to get to know him better.

Tucker explained his inspiration for creating the segments.

“I came up with this idea for “What the Tech?” because there is so much information out there that people need and want. They have devices. When I first launched this, people were getting their first iPhones,” he said.

Since then, phones and computers are far more advanced. That’s why Tucker stays on top of the latest gadgets from reading tech magazines and taking viewer messages.

He said viewers often want to know, “What are my kids doing? What is this app? How much information are my kids getting away? That’s probably number one. Number two is just all the really cool gadgets that are coming out.”

Gadgets like Astro the Robot are among the newest gadgets he has fun with. He also has fun with apps like Radio Garden.

“Each green dot represents a large radio channel or station somewhere around the world. You can spin that globe and you can pick a station in Tel Aviv, or Ireland or the top of the world in Norway – and you can listen to live radio,” Tucker explained.

Apps of the Day – and Week – are fun too but a big focus is on keeping people, especially kids, safe online.

A lot of those stories start at home, too.

“I have children who are grown children but, you know, they grew up in that age of early adopters for phones and social media. So I do get a lot of information but I hear from a lot of parents who say, ‘What apps are my kids using that I don’t know about?’ and ‘How are my kids hiding this information from me?’,” Tucker explained.

No matter the segment, it’s about answering the burning question:

“What the Tech?”

As Father’s Day approaches, Tucker will also focus on the best gadgets for dads.

For now, you can click here to watch more “What the Tech?” segments.