Gift ideas for graduates | What the Tech?

Graduation gift ideas | What the Tech?

Graduation season is upon us. Here are a few gift ideas for the great grad in your life!

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — Graduation season is here for high school and college graduates so there are some tech gift ideas that could be a hit.

Here are some gift ideas for graduates.

Light panels from GoVee, and the Nanoleaf light panels and lines and can be set to any color or color palette they like. I guarantee they’ve seen these on TikTok. Cool shades that play music and take phone calls? The Dusk sunglasses have speakers and microphones. Tap the temples to darken or lighten the tint. Talk about cool.

You may not have considered blue-light blocking glasses for yourself, but young video gamers highly recommend them to anyone who spends a lot of time looking at a screen.

The Gunnar Optiks glasses reduce eye strain and eliminate glare. Gunnar is the brand of choice of influencers and gamers.

For a less expensive gift, the OhSnap smartphone gadget is a great alternative to pop sockets. Ohsnap grips are thinner, connected by a magnet, that allows for wireless charging. You can move it from one phone to another too. OhSnap makes it easy to hold onto the phone without dropping it, and can be flipped to make a stand.

Other ideas: a small Bluetooth speaker they take anywhere. The Bose Soundlink Flex has great sound and is waterproof.

And a three-in-one charging cable lets them charge anything with one cord. Standard mini-USB, Lightning plug for iPhones, and USB-C.

The great thing about giving tech gadgets rather than cash or a gift card is they’ll think you’re the coolest person on their list.

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