Gift ideas for teens | What the Tech?

Gift ideas for teens | What the Tech?

Some surprising old tech gift ideas could be good for your teen.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — If you have a teenager or a twenty-something on your holiday list this year, you may have trouble thinking of gift ideas.

They may not think mom or dad are cool enough to know what’s hot or not. Believe it or not, though, kids have discovered some old tech their parents used.

Vinyl records and turntables are red hot. Most would love to get their hands on some records and something to play them.

Audio-Technica turntables are a fine choice and are well respected by audiophiles. Others, like the Stir it Up turntable by Marley, have their own pre-amp and can stream music to wireless speakers. They look classy too.

You can find vinyl records at bookstores and most retailers but you should shop at your nearest independent record store. Pick up something new and something vintage.

Even if they have a Bluetooth speaker, they’ll probably love another for a different location.

The Bose portable speaker is waterproof and small enough to take anywhere – or everywhere.

The Soundcore Rave Party 2 is a party speaker, loud, with great bass and lights that jump to the beat.

If they want to jazz up their room or gaming area, check out the Nanoleaf and Govee light panels. They’re bright, can be arranged in different ways and set to different colors.

And yes, they also change to the beat of the music.

Best of all, these gadgets are almost always on sale during the holidays.

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