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Jamey Tucker shows us a website that helps the giver and receiver of holiday gifts.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — Cyber Monday is when a lot of people do their holiday shopping after skipping Black Friday, and you may want to look at allows people to create their wish lists. If you run across something you’d like online, just add it to your wish list. You can add website links from Amazon, Best Buy, and anywhere else.

You can also browse deals on the website and add items to your list. Then, you can share your gift list with anyone by email or text, or share it with the group on Facebook.

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for someone else, GiftList has an AI Genie. Like you’d do with Chat GPT, just ask for ideas. Give it information about what they enjoy, and their age, and give it a price limit.

The GiftList Genie responds with a list of ideas in a few seconds.

You can set up parties in Gift exchange. Send e-vites and ask people to add a few ideas of what they’d like, then draw names or play dirty Santa or Yankee swap.

Gift doesn’t have an app but you can create one sort of. When you’re on the website on the phone, tap the share button and then select Add to Home screen. An icon that looks like an app appears on your screen. is free. The site gets a small commission when you purchase something from one of its links.

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