Gifts for dads | What the Tech?

Gifts for dads | What the Tech?

If you're looking for that perfect gift for your dad, granddad, great granddad or any fatherly figure in your life, here are some ideas.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — Time is running out to get your orders in if you want your gifts to arrive by Christmas, especially for a father figure in your life.

Here are some gift ideas for him.

A dash camera captures video front and back. Many insurance companies accept dash cam video as proof in a crash. These record video every time the car is moving and record over the footage if nothing happens. You can also tap the screen to save a clip.

OBD2 readers are great for maintaining vehicles. A “check engine” light may be nothing. An OBD2 reader can check, clear the code, and turn off the light.

A new OB2 reader does not only do all that but also earns cryptocurrency when you drive.

The Dimo plugs into the OB2 port under the driver’s dash and collects data which can be viewed in the Dimo app. Data such as battery voltage, fuel distance, and the car’s bluebook value.

You also earn cryptocurrency rewards called “Dimo tokens” for every mile you drive. After 1,700 miles this vehicle earned 346 Dimo tokens.

A token currently is around 20 cents. They are added to a crypto wallet each week.

How does Dimo earn its money? According to its website, users agree to share data from their vehicles. Third parties, such as manufacturers of parts and components and insurance companies, pay Dimo for the data it collects to see how those parts perform over time.

OBD2 readers are $40 and up. The Dimo OBD2 reader is $300. If you don’t mind, sharing data with those companies, you can earn around $60 for every 2,000 miles you drive.

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