Goodnotes | What the Tech? App of the Day

GoodNotes | What the Tech? App of the Day

If you like taking notes on your phone, here is an app that will enhance your experience.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — If you’re always jotting down notes or working on a big project, a note-taking app can certainly make things better – but which one?

Here is a suggestion: The Goodnotes app.

Goodnotes is on version 6. It allows you to take notes on a keyboard or keypad – or using your finger or stylus on a tablet or phone. The extra features are amazing.

For example, if taking notes by hand and you make a mistake, there’s no need to switch to the eraser. Just scratch it out and it disappears.

If you’re drawing shapes, Goodnotes makes circles, triangles, and squares perfect. You can include audio notes, images, and scans. So if you can create, you can make projects and presentations look incredible.

A lasso tool allows you to move a section of the note somewhere else. Everything is searchable by keyword, even your handwriting if it’s clear enough.

An AI tool helps rework what you’ve written in a more professional or casual style. Even adding elements you didn’t think of.

Notes are synced across your devices and every note can be saved as a PDF.

Goodnotes works on iPhone, iPad, Windows, Macs and Android Samsung tablets. It’s free for three notebooks, but it’s just $10 a year for unlimited notebooks.

If you take notes on an iPad with an Apple Pencil, it’s a must-have.

Goodnotes is also free for schools. Teachers can even use the app to project their screen onto the classroom whiteboard.

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