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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — No matter if you use an iPhone or an Android phone, it seems we’re always correcting autocorrect – but the Grammarly app might help.

Yes, it’s the same Grammarly that students use to write grammatically correct papers has a smartphone app.

iPhones and Android devices allow you to install keyboard apps. Grammarly corrects spelling mistakes, grammar, and punctuation.

It’s like having an English teacher review your texts before you hit send.

Install the app and then go into settings, general and then “keyboard”, to find Grammarly. Be sure to give it full access.

Then, every time you tap out a text message, Grammarly can correct any grammatically incorrect messages. If it isn’t selected, just tap the globe and select Grammarly.

Tap out any text message and give it a second before hitting send. Here, it corrects not only spelling but also suggests replacement words to make sure subject-verb agreement is correct.

It also suggests words that are a better fit for what you want to say. Not just text messages but anything you’re typing out on a smartphone.

Is it perfect? Not quite but it learns how you type the more you use it.

If you’re always hitting backspace to correct mistakes Apple or Android makes, the app might save you some embarrassment.

Grammarly is a free app that will correct mistakes. The premium version goes one step further but costs $140/year.

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