Home theater gift ideas | What the Tech?

Home theater gifts | What the Tech?

Everyone has that one loved one in their life who takes pride in their home theater, so here are some gift ideas for them.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — A home theater may start with a big-screen TV but it doesn’t stop there since you may want the biggest screen in the store – but will it fit?

The best way to check is by using the Amazon app. Choose a size and use the app’s augmented reality feature to see what the TV will look like in your room.

If you’re buying a new big-screen TV look for OLED, QLED or UHD for the best picture. You can find huge sets for a few hundred dollars if you don’t mind the TV tracking your viewing habits.

If you already got the TV, then here are some other home theater gift ideas.

All TVs are smart these days but you may want to pick up a streaming device.

The Roku Ultra 4K is a top choice. The remote has a voice control and a headphone jack.

If most of your media is in iTunes, and you want your information kept private, look at the latest Apple TV 4K device.

There are lots of great options for sound but Bose and Sonos surround sound systems and sound bars are pricy.

A less expensive option is Roku.

A soundbar, wireless satellite speakers and a wireless subwoofer sound like a movie theater. Lights set the mood.

Govee, Nanoleaf, and Hue have light strips to drape behind the TV for a cool effect. There are also smart lightbulbs that change color and dim for a movie night that can be controlled by Siri, Alexa, Google or your smartphone.

The good news is almost all of these things are on sale during the holidays.

Remember, though, you may find better deals on big-screen TVs around the Super Bowl.

Those are just a few home theater gift ideas for the season.

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