How to spot hidden cameras | What the Tech?

How to spot hidden cameras | What the Tech?

Airbnb recently banned cameras from all units but you'll still want to keep an eye out for possible hidden cameras.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — Airbnb this week notified homeowners listing their property on its site that indoor security cameras will be banned, starting next month.

It’s a relief for many people who stay at Airbnb properties. However, hidden cameras aren’t just a problem at these properties.

If you stay anywhere, you should look around before unpacking your bags.

Follow the wires plugged into the sockets. Check them all at least once, especially in rooms you’ll be sleeping or changing.

You can shine a flashlight or a torch on your phone to spot camera lenses. Turn off the lights and shine the light across bookshelves and countertops. Really, anywhere a camera might be.

Some apps promise they’ll find hidden cameras if you scan the WiFi Network or use the phone’s magnetometer. People have mixed reviews. In one instance, after upgrading the app, it didn’t detect all of the security cameras in my office.

If there’s a smoke detector in an unusual place, like above a bed, inspect it. Take the cover off. This fake smoke detector has a small camera that records when it detects movement. A micro-SD card saves the footage.

Amazon is filled with spy cameras in USB chargers, key fobs, and alarm clocks. These are going to be very difficult to spot.

If you do find a hidden camera in any rental property, a hotel, or a cruise ship, you should contact the police and the agency or manager of the property.

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