Keeping children entertained on road trips | What the Tech?

Keeping children entertained on road trips | What the Tech?

Parents, you know that whoever said half the fun is getting there never took a road trip with children in the backseat. Jamey Tucker shows you some tech ways to keep your children entertained on spring road trips.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — Two of the biggest school districts in New Mexico will be on Spring Break next week, which may mean you may have a trip coming up.

That could mean a long time in the car for you and your children. That road trip can also seem a lot longer when your children have nothing to do.

Here are some ideas to keep them entertained.

The app stores are filled with educational applications for children of all ages. If that doesn’t fly with them, download a digital coloring book.

My favorite is April Coloring because it requires you to color in the spaces with your finger or a stylus. Most others you just tap to fill in with color. It’s free for a limited number of pages. A monthly subscription is $10. It’s relaxing for adults too.

To keep them offline while watching movies and shows, Netflix and Amazon Prime both allow you to download videos ahead of time to prevent spotty internet from interrupting the shows.

Borrow a few library books using the Libby app. It connects to your local public library giving you thousands of choices. Titles include “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” “Clementine” and “Nancy Drew”. Something for any age.

Don’t hit the road without Gas Buddy. It finds the best gas prices wherever you’re traveling while also giving some information on the station from other drivers. Find out if the bathrooms stay clean before you pull into the pumps.

If everyone is on a device, you’ll need chargers.

Don’t rely on the USB outlets in the car. They’re not meant for charging and will be slow. Take along portable batteries or pick up a charger that connects to the car’s cigarette lighter. Phones will charge a lot faster which is important when you’re driving down the road.

Maybe the most important tech for children in the backseat is headphones. That may go without saying, though.

Another tip: If you turn off the cell signal on your children’s device, you can keep them from connecting to things you don’t want them to see. Also, you can save money on your monthly bill.

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