Kids and screen limits | What the Tech?

Kids and screen limits | What the Tech?

Parents set screen limits for kids but they are finding ways around it.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — There are only a few weeks left in the school year which means students will soon have a lot more time on their hands.

If you’re a parent with a student under age 18, you’re probably thinking about setting screen limits, especially since they’ll likely spend more time on their smartphones.

However, they can get around those restrictions.

TikTok has how-to videos from kids who know how to get past screen limits. Many parents will then use screen limits to restrict TikTok after a certain amount of time. What parents don’t know is that kids can just open TikTok in a smartphone browser. They don’t need the app.

And if they open the website in incognito mode, it won’t limit the time they spend on websites and you won’t be able to see what they’ve been doing.

Kids hope you don’t know this part, parents can lock down the phone to allow them to visit only websites they approve.

In screen time settings, tap content and privacy restrictions. Set a passcode to allow changes. Then, select content restrictions where you can block explicit music, books, and age-appropriate apps.

To lock it down tighter, you can allow access to only certain websites. By doing this, it will prevent visiting any other websites, even in incognito mode.

The other option many parents are choosing, especially with younger children, is a flip phone like this. If you have a young child who has an iPhone, iPad, or Android device they can use without supervision, they will find a way to go places you don’t want them to go.

If your child uses incognito or private mode, they can also delete the browsing history. That prevents anyone from seeing what websites they visited.

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