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Home phone without a telephone line | What the Tech?

Do you still have a landline at home, or do you remember yours? If you do, you may want to hold onto it but you can replace it with something similar if you cut the cord already.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — More than 40 million households still have a landline phone but now there is a replacement that is very similar.

Now, there is a way to replace the landline with something very similar.

Cell2Jack is a device that gives life to any plain old phone by connecting it to a smartphone. Connect the cable from the old phone, and plug it into power. Then, press the hashtag, or what we used to call the ‘pound sign’ twice, and it’ll connect to a smartphone over Bluetooth.

Now, when someone calls the number for the smartphone, the old phone rings with bells or beeps.

You can also make phone calls through the old phone.

You can also use an old smartphone as a home phone. Just plug it into a power source and keep it where everyone knows where it is.

If you’d like a dedicated home phone number, you can get it through your carrier, but it’ll cost money to add another line.

An option is getting a brand new number through Google Voice. You can get a free number from any area code.

Forward calls to another number or just let it ring your new home phone.

You can use Google Voice on most iPhones and Android devices, provided they can download the Google Voice app and connect to your home WiFi Network.

Combine the new number with the cell2Jack device, and a plain old telephone, you’ve got a nostalgic home phone for everyone in the house that works.

In the last three months, AT&T officials say they have lost nearly half-a-million landline customers. Over the next two years, the company will shut down more than half of its old copper phone networks.

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