Lapse | What the Tech? App of the Day

Lapse | What the Tech? App of the Day

Remember the old days of waiting to get your film developed to finally see that golden shot you captured during that fun time you were having? Well, that's making a comeback with apps like Lapse.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — You remember when your photos had to be developed from a roll of film, instead of instantly? Somehow, that’s making a comeback.

The app, “Lapse,” which has already topped the Apple app charts, is a throwback to old film cameras in the 1970s and ’80s.

Lapse is not your ordinary camera and photo app. It’s a nostalgic camera that only allows users to take 36 photos a day and you can’t see the photos immediately. The app has to ‘develop’ them.

From the viewfinder, Lapse looks like you’re taking a shot with an old disposable camera. The photos also have a retro feel to them. There are no filters and you can’t add photos from your camera roll.

When you take a photo with the Lapse app, you can’t see it right away. In about an hour, the app develops the snaps.

Unlike Instagram, no one has followers but you do see and can share photos with friends.

Friends can join groups to share photos with everyone, which would be great for special events.

The folks behind the app say limiting the number of shots and having to wait to see them, lets users enjoy the moment and not get caught up in likes and comments.

Lapse is only for iPhone users. New users must invite five friends. If you want to use it yourself, you should accept the invite. The invites do expire.

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