Low tech gadget gifts | What the Tech?

Low tech gadget gifts | What the Tech?

We always talk about tech gadgets and the latest gear but here are some low tech that can work just as well.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — The days are dwindling to finish your holiday shopping, and, if you’re indecisive on what to get, here are some low-tech gadget gift ideas.

Low-tech gadget gift ideas that don’t require a big budget as they’re all under $20.

Forget post-it notes. If you need to jot down a quick note or reminder, these desktop whiteboards are a great solution for keeping your workspace uncluttered.

They’re about the size of a keyboard so they fit nicely in front of the computer monitor. Take a quick note, phone number, or name.

When you no longer need it, just wipe away.

An added bonus is these drawers to keep flash drives, SD cards, or other small items that are always in the way on your desk.

Erasable notes cut down on clutter and litter. The Rocketbook uses erasable pens you can simply wipe away from a paper notebook.

It goes a step further. A smartphone app allows you to scan your notes and save them in the cloud storage you use.

Remember mouse pads? They lost favor when rollerball mice went extinct. People are now in love with these leather desktop mats instead. They dress up the desk and make it easier for the mouse to move across the desktop screen flawlessly.

See the difference? The mouse is on a standard desktop, and the mouse is on a desktop pad.

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