More iOS 17 features | What the Tech?

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — iOS 17 is expected to be unveiled at Apple’s next event Tuesday when they unveil a new iPhone 15 and a new Apple Watch.

There are lots of features we told you about – but there are more.

How many times do you want to share your contact information with someone and you have to ask for their number and send them a text? Then, they have to add your name to save in their contacts.

In iOS 17, “Name Drop” makes it a whole lot easier.

All you’ll need to do is to bring your phones close together and tap. You’ll need to turn on AirDrop on both phones. Tap the phones and choose what you want to share. You can share contact information, photos, and videos.

Point and Speak is a new accessibility feature for anyone needing some help identifying a product or reading a label. Simply aim your camera and point and let Siri identify it for you. It’s helpful for finding the right medication, or numbers on the stove.

Stickers are easier and more fun to use. Apple is making it easy to save the ones you use often and the stickers you create. Open any photo and hold down your finger on the object, like a cat.

Add some flair to it, and save. Now, send anyone your cool cat sticker and use it often.

Car Play gets a new feature with iOS 17. Anyone in the car and connected to Car Play over Bluetooth can take over DJ duties and play what they want. Just by scanning a QR Code.

If you want to listen to Jimmy Buffett, the kids can quickly cue up Doja Cat. They’ll need your permission of course.

A few features will not be ready for release day including a new Journaling app to use as a diary of daily photos and memories. That’ll be great for new moms and dads.

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