More Mother’s Day gift ideas | What the Tech?

More Mother’s Day gift ideas | What the Tech?

Jamey Tucker wants to make sure you do Mother's Day right! Here are some more gift ideas he has.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — We have some more Mother’s Day gift ideas and just in time too as May 12 is the big day which means you have some time but not much.

Lots of moms are big on DIY. They are remaking furniture, decorating, and painting. This handheld gadget helps answer the question: so what color is that?

The Nix Color Sensor is a pocket-sized battery-powered device that can see exactly what color a wall, cabinet, or entryway is painted.

Taking a photo with a phone isn’t accurate because of lighting. The Nix has a camera. You place the sensor close to what color you want to match, and it captures the color regardless of lighting.

Once it scans the color, the options show up in the smartphone app. It isn’t always perfect since it can’t consider the finishes or brand. But it may be as close as you’re going to get without the original paint lid.

She doesn’t have to have the greenest of thumbs to grow herbs with the Aerogarden. Purchase a seed kit of herbs, vegetables, or flowers online. The pods include seeds and soil. The Aerogarden adds the right amount of light and the plants are fed and watered from the water tank. With no work involved, herbs sprouted in a few days and I was harvesting basil and oregano in about a week.

For moms who work from home, power makes a great gift. These charging cubes are small but have 3 AC plugs, 2 standard, and one USB C port. These are great for a workspace and even better for travel.

And my favorite phone charger is the Anker Mag Go. The phone attaches and charges by placing it on the magnetic plate. There are also USB ports on the back. Good for desktops, and bedside nightstands.

Of course, you can find these online wherever you shop. Great gifts for moms, dads, and grads.

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