Mother’s Day tech gift ideas | What the Tech?

Mother’s Day tech gifts | What the Tech?

Mother's Day is coming up so here are a few tech ideas for a gift for her.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — Mother’s Day is May 12 so if you haven’t started thinking about gifts, we have some tech ideas for the special day.

Keenray Towel Warmer

The idea is, before you get in the shower, throw your towel in here. By the time you’re done, you pull it out and the towel is nice and warm.

Espresso-Making Travel Cup

She can take her coffee on the road with a portable espresso machine. Fill the cap with coffee grounds and the container with hot water. When she’s ready… just press the button to make a perfect espresso.

Ember Coffee Mug

To keep her coffee or tea warmer for longer, there’s the Ember coffee mug. Keep it charged on a special coaster and, when she’s ready, she can take it anywhere. The mug keeps the drink at the temperature she wants for up to 2 hours.

Paperwhite and eReading

A Kindle is always a good gift for someone who reads to relax. The Paperwhite is water-resistant, and can easily be read in the sun. She can’t do that on a phone or iPad.

If she already has a Kindle, send a new book from her favorite author. If she’s still using an iPad from 10 years ago, get her an updated one. The iPad Air and Pro models come in different sizes. She’ll be able to check social media, play games, listen to music, binge Netflix and anything else she likes to do online.

An Apple Pencil is a good iPad companion. Take notes in her handwriting, draw, color, and control. It helps keep the screen free of smudges too since she’s not using her hands.

The Apple Pencil is $100, but frankly, some of the other brands work fine for around $20.

One more Mother’s Day gift to consider that isn’t a tech idea: Getting out of the house and tackling chores!

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