New Amazon Alexa updates | What the Tech?

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — Can you believe Alexa is a 9-year-old? They’re about as common in homes now as area rugs and throw pillows.

They’re pretty cool and helpful, but they’re still, kind of weird to talk to.

Soon, though, talking to Alexa will be more like talking to a person. More natural.

Amazon is unveiling a more natural-sounding Alexa voice. In a promotional video, Alexa responds without you needing to pause when you say her name. You can also ask multiple questions in a conversation without needing to say the wake word over and over again.

You’ll even be able to change what you’ve asked, in the middle of her answer.

Alexa is enabled with AI. Similar to ChatGPT, she can write poetry and songs.

If you pay $6 a month, Alexa will soon call emergency services too.

Amazon also says Alexa will control multiple smart devices at the same time and routines will be easier.

For example, say “Goodnight,” and an Echo device will turn off all the lights, turn on an alarm, and begin playing sounds to help you fall asleep.

Amazon said they’ll start rolling out a smarter, more intuitive Alexa over the next few months – at which time we can only imagine Alexa will become more like a roommate than a computer.

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