New iPhone safety feature | What the Tech?

New iPhone safety features | What the Tech?

Apple is always rolling out new features for the iPhone, and here are a few more that could help you safe.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — Apple has rolled out a new iPhone safety feature that can help you protect your money and photos if someone stole your phone.

iOS 17.3 includes Stolen Device Protection. With it turned on, a thief can’t lock you out even if they have the passcode. Changing the passcode, adding another Face ID, or changing the Apple ID password requires a second Face or Touch ID if the phone is in an unfamiliar location.

If they try to change those passwords, they’ll have to wait an hour and then enter the stored Face ID a second time. That hour delay gives you time to locate the stolen phone using another Apple device.

It also requires Face or Touch ID to use or even see credit cards or stored passwords.

It’s a critically important update for when you’re in a large crowd like a concert, ballgame, or a bar. Take your phone and look for a red ‘1’ on the settings app or open settings and you’ll be prompted to download the update. Once installed, open FaceID & Passcode in settings, scroll down to “Stolen Device Protection” and turn it on.

Since it also includes other security updates, go ahead and install iOS 17.3. It’s been in beta for some time and should be stable and safe. It’s available for iPhone 10s, up to the iPhone 15 and includes the new safety feature.

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