‘OMG’ Facebook hoax post | What the Tech?

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — Not a week goes by that I don’t see someone posting this. You’ve seen it.

“OMG YESSSSS it works! Copy and paste this to your timeline to remove ads and see more friends.”

Does this actually work? No. So why is it still viral? I think most Facebook users think, well, you’re not opening a link, what can it hurt?

Here’s the thing:

Scammers can use this post to find gullible people on Facebook. Since everyone’s copying and pasting the same post, it’s easy for someone to see who’s posting it.

I’ll do a Facebook search for “OMG It worked”. If a scammer searches they’ll find Facebook users who’ll believe just about anything and can target them with more scams.

Don’t believe it? A Facebook user copied and pasted the post to his timeline. Over the next few days, random people left comments asking him to add them as a friend or send them a message. These are scammers who searched for people sharing the post, figuring he’s an easy target.

Need more proof? This comment by an Evan Doris?

The profile photo is used by a TikTok account by the name of Evan Katie or Kate who says she’s a billionaire. A search for that name revealed a scam responsible for taking thousands of dollars from victims.

On Facebook, when someone commented on the Evan Doris account, the scammer responded “Yes, I’m the only. I chat with you on single now” and “OK, did you still interested in $2.5 million?”

The bottom line is sharing this is annoying to your friends at best and at worst could make you a target. The post is a hoax. Don’t fall for it.

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