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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — Pet owners, you’ve seen all sorts of different “pet tech” out there and probably wondered, “What actually works well?” We’re here to answer that.

Cat owners, you know one of the worst jobs around the house is cleaning the litter box. It’s smelly and messy and no one wants to clean it.

One of the most helpful robots in the universe is a Litter Robot.

The Litter Robot has been out for several years now. The egg-shaped enclosure holds the litter. After they finish their business, the Litter Robot waits a couple of minutes and rotates to dump clumps.

Using this candy bar to demonstrate, the clean litter is screened into another enclosure while the clumps fall into a bag below. The robot rotates again to replace the clean litter.

It even levels it off. Then, once a week, remove the bag of dirty litter and toss it in the trash. It can even be used by multiple cats in the home.

This gadget went viral on TikTok. It teaches dogs to talk. Sort of.

Fluent Pet is a set of tiles with speaker buttons. You program the tiles and teach the pup what the buttons mean.

In a short amount of time dogs learn to use the buttons to ask to go outside, tell you they’re hungry or even say “I love you”.

If the pet owner isn’t home, the app will send it in a text message.

For dog and cat owners, there are these robot friends. These have cameras and microphones so you can check in to see how they’re doing or just say Hi so they’re not lonely.

You can even send them treats when you’re away using an app. Cats love it because it can use a laser for playtime.

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