Portable fridge and freezer for Father’s Day | What the Tech?

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — Father’s Day is coming soon and you may want to get a gift that’ll please not only dad but the whole family: A portable fridge and freezer.

The Eco Flow Glacier boasts some bold claims. We’ll check out all of them.

On one side is a fridge for drinks and food, and, on the other side, is a freezer for ice cream and other frozen foods. There is also a digital thermostat you can set on the device or with an app.

On the other side is an ice maker. EcoFlow claims it can make 18 ice cubes in about 12 minutes even in the sun.

That’s powered by an electric compressor that also has a USB-C charging port for phones and laptops.

If you’re going to be away from electrical outlets, there’s an optional battery that’ll keep the fridge and freezer running for up to 40 hours. It can run off a car’s cigarette lighter.

For camping or getting off the grid completely, it’ll plug into a solar panel to keep operating.

Those are the claims but how well does it work?

We filled up the fridge side with soda cans and bottles at 23° and placed the ice cream in the freezer set to -4°.

Then, we took it outside and left it in the sun for 6 hours.

To make ice, we poured water into a tray. In about 12 minutes, we lifted the ice mold to find 18 ice cubes.

We found the cans at 23° and the ice cream at -4°. That was while it was running on the battery too.

Once the charge got down to 6%, we plugged the Glacier into the EcoFlow solar charger. That was charged to 76% after two hours.

Like its portable generators, the Eco Flow Glacier works just as advertised and could be handy – not just for camping but for trips to the beach and tailgate parties. You could also store it away for use in an emergency when the power goes out.

All of that convenience does come at a price. The Glacier refrigerator/freezer is $1,000, while the portable battery is $300.