Portal | What the Tech? App of the Day

Portal | What the Tech? App of the Day

If you need some time to meditate and relax after a long day, so here is an app aimed at immersing you into another space besides your workspace.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — After working several hours on a computer which most of us do now, our eyes start to glaze over, we get tired and we lose focus.

This app, Portal, can help refresh the mind. Getting you jump-started by transporting you to some other place in the world through a portal.

Portal is for iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers. It’s beautiful. Portal adds visuals to the white noise, rain forest, beach, or thunderstorm sounds. Unlike most meditation apps, it’s in spatial audio and 4 to 8k video making it far more immersive than similar apps. And if you have smart lights, like Nanoleaf panels or Hue lights, the colors sync with the colors on the screen.

Like this Escape to Redwood National Park, An Amazon Rainforest, A springtime barley field in the UK. Each portal can be customized for focus, sleep, or escape. Portal is a free app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

The freemium version offers a limited number of Portal views. The full premium version is $10 a month or $50 for a year subscription.

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