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Turn off control center | What the Tech?

"Find My" is a great feature of an iPhone but it can be used maliciously if your phone is stolen. Here is how to prevent a thief from turning that feature off.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — Apple makes it pretty easy to find your iPhone with the “Find My” feature but a thief could turn that off before you can stop them.

Even if the phone is locked.

It’s done by turning off Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular. Even on a device locked with a passcode, they can swipe down from the top right corner and open “Control Center.”

It takes about three seconds to do.

To change that setting, open “settings” and scroll down to Face ID and Passcode. Then down to the options for “allowing access when locked”.

Now, turn off the “Control Center”.

This won’t stop someone from stealing your phone, but if they can’t turn off the connections, they’ll likely leave the phone somewhere you can find it using the Find My app. At the very least, changing the setting will give you more time to locate the phone using “Find My”.

This barely affects how you access Control Center. You need to unlock your phone before swiping on the screen.

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