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Fending off porch pirates | What the Tech?

It always seems like behind every delivery truck is a porch pirate trying to snatch up their precious cargo, so how can you fend them off? Jamey Tucker offers some tips.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — Well over $10 billion in merchandise is on delivery trucks right now as that’s how much people spent online on Black Friday alone.

Following behind some of those delivery trucks are thieves just waiting for a package to be left on someone’s front steps.

While everyone wants their orders delivered ASAP, you might want to think about delivery options through the holidays. If it’s Amazon, you can choose a day you know you’re going to be home and have all of your orders delivered that day. You can earn credits for digital purchases like books, music, and movie rentals.

Amazon also offers “key delivery” where the courier opens your garage door remotely, leaves the package inside, and closes the door when they leave. You’ll need a remote garage door opener and a Ring security camera.

However, Amazon just changed its key delivery policy. It used to be free for Prime customers. Now, it’s $2 extra unless you’re okay with waiting several days.

Key deliveries on certain packages take up to a week.

Another option is picking up your orders from an Amazon Locker like ones in a local business. That’s free.

It’s a little more complicated to order from another store. Walmart+ customers can have orders delivered from a local store. You cannot choose a day or time for the delivery, though.

If package thefts are common where you live, it’s best to place the order online and pick it up at the store.

Remember, if you have a package from Amazon stolen, it is guaranteed. According to Amazon’s A-to-Z policy, you should wait 48 hours after the delivery was made and report it. Amazon will either refund you the price or replace the item.

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