‘Quick Take’ feature on smartphones | What the Tech?

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — There are things happening every day you want to record but you may miss it if you have to take out your phone and open the camera app.

Being able to do that quickly can mean the difference between capturing a viral video and just having a story to tell.

iPhone has a feature called “Quick Take” that eliminates a couple of steps to get the camera rolling quickly. Even if the phone is locked, you won’t need to use Face ID or a passcode.

At the bottom of the screen is a camera icon you can hard press to open the camera.

Even easier is just swiping left on a locked screen. It’ll open the camera in the shooting mode you used last. If it’s in photo mode, you can swipe to video or, hold the shutter button down. This will start recording the video.

If you want to continue recording but remove your finger from the screen, drag the red shutter button to the circle to lock it.

You may know you can snap a photo by clicking a volume button. You can also record video this way if you hold down the volume button. You won’t need to tap any icon or even look for something on the screen.

In fact, any time you have the camera app opened, even in photo mode, holding down a volume button will start recording video.

If you use the “Quick Take” iPhone feature, the video quality isn’t as good as it is in Video mode. Still, it is still better than getting nothing.

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