Reelgood | What the Tech? App of the Day

Reelgood | What the Tech? App of the Day

This app could make you feel good, Reelgood, if you want to spend more time movie-watching than movie-browsing.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — If you have a bunch of streaming services, you can spend half the night looking for something to watch but an app simplifies that.

Reelgood lets you see what’s available on those services all in one place. It’s as simple as selecting the services you subscribe to or can watch free on Tubi, Pluto, Freevee and others.

Reelgood then shows you what’s playing only on those services that you can watch and there’s a Holiday movie section.

You’ll see some stinkers listed but Reelgood does a really good job of sorting and filtering the titles. You can search by the average customer rating on IMDB and the release year.

And here’s where the app shines: It found a documentary about the song Silent Night that was released in 2018. I’d never have found that without the app.

You can play the title on your device and use the app as a remote to play it on a connected TV. It also recommends movies it thinks you’ll like.

Reelgood is a free app for iPhone and Android devices. It takes some of the frustration and time lost in trying to find just what you’re looking for.

You can also browse through movies on their website.

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